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Xrumer is a multifunctional software package for SEO and SMM specialists. According to the developers, the tool, first of all, aims to the automatic publication of external links needed for promotion or attraction of traffic. However, for a long period of development (starting from 2007), Hrumer acquired a great number of additional functions that help to solve effectively all kinds of tasks.

As often as not, this tool is referred to “gray” or even “black” SEO. To some extent, this is true, because a considerable number of people use it for bulk mailing or bulk posting, i.e. actual spam. This approach has led to the fact that a lot of negative reviews about Hrumer went online, as if its use is the cause of all the problems that happen to sites.

The only thing is that the reason does not lie in Hrumer, the reason is in the methodology of working with it. The instrument needs to be applied knowledgeably with skill, and if you have no such knowledge, you should get it through trial and error. Either read the manuals / cases, only aware of the fact that there is no sense to repeat the described algorithms in full.

Roughly speaking, Xrumer allows you have an easy time automating the chain of actions on different web resources, but the user himself determines the goals and tasks of the process.

Key Features

  • The key features of the software package include:
  • Automated completing of registration forms;
  • Automatic bypass of captcha and text protection;
  • Mass registration of electronic mailboxes;
  • Masking of created profiles like “human”;
  • Upgrading of created profiles;
  • Automated posting on forums and sites;
  • Collection of databases on unique parameters;
  • Support for macros, plug-ins and intelligent learning system.

That is, almost all of the routine, which takes a lot of time and effort when promoting is performed automatically in the background multithreaded mode. The most recent version of Xrumer recognizes successfully more than 500 types of graphical and text captcha, including the sophisticated version of ReCaptcha.

Additional Features

Xrumer is a real “combined machine”, which has a lot of additional functions besides the key ones. SEO, webmasters and other Internet entrepreneurs can find them of something useful for themselves, even if the software product is not used in a complex way.

Among the additional tools it is worth noting the tools for working with links in the file (counting, post-processing, doubles search and deletion, mask search and deletion, sorting), link database analyzer, link database filter, link feature analysis, link converter and report output in human-friendly graphical format.

The Hrefer program is also come fitted with Hrumer. Its purpose is search engine parsing (9 the most popular ones are supported) in order to search for new links to dedicated resources (forums, blogs, etc.). Of course, the capturing occurs off the line. Proxy, anti-captcha, multithreading operating mode and much more are supported.


SocPlugin is an integral part of Hurmer, and many users buy the program just for it. The plug-in SocPlugin opens a lot of opportunities for promotion in the top three most popular social networks - Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and Facebook. The famous dating site Mamba is also supported.

The core of this plug-in is as follows. Initially, the questionnaires (profiles) of users who are entered into the database are collected. The collection can be performed on various search parameters, from specific groups or profiles, randomly or from a finished file.

  • Further follows direct promotion, the variants of which depend on the specific social network:
  • Vkontakte – private message inbox and “the wall” posts, photos & videos comments, invites to group and friends.
  • Classmates – private message inbox and forum posts, photos comments and ratings, invites to group and friends.
  • Mamba – only private messages.
  • Facebook – private messages, photos & videos comments, invites to group, public page or friends.

With the help of SocPlugin, for example, you can collect effectively the target audience for the promotion of a product, service or brand. Or simply get the traffic in large quantities, converting it into earned funds through affiliate programs or direct sales.


Hrumer: for whom and why?

Initially, Xrumer was created for the promotion of sites. But now SMM-users, arbitrators, marketers, webmasters and just people who are trying to make money online make extensive use of it. Xrumer is a very flexible tool that allows everyone to realize individual goals.

  • Results that can be obtained with the help of software:
  • Growth of positions in search engines;
  • Fast page indexing;
  • Link mass growth and “link pyramids”;
  • TIC growth;
  • Promotion in social networks;
  • Receiving of direct traffic;
  • Promotion of YouTube channels;
  • Much more!

However, in case of wrong or very aggressive approach, there is a high probability of getting a negative effect, i.e. sanctions of the search engines, profiles/communities/public pages lock, etc.

How to find out the secret of the “right approach”? You should read, consult, practice!

Methods of promotion

  • Having regard to the above, Xrumer is well suited for web projects of various directions. All one needs to do is to choose the most suitable way of promotion for specific case:
  • Direct posting. Sending of the messages (with or without links) to blogs, forums, message boards. Almost all existing engines are supported today. The process is fully automated, starting with guessing the captcha and control linking from the mail, ending with an imitation of real communication in the themes created on the forum.
  • Questions and answers. A slightly improved method of direct posting. The point is in the preliminary creation of the “newsbreak” (for example, the publication of the question “where is better to buy curtains in St. Petersburg?”) and subsequent answers with veiled advertising.
  • Mass-PM. Sending of private messages to forum users in order to receive direct traffic.
  • Refspam. Sending of the ref. requests with the address of your site in the form of a referrer. It is suitable for improving/accelerating the indexation of web pages.
  • Antispam. Unique and very advanced system that allows not only sending information on forum topics, but also performing a number of preliminary actions that will help your profiles stay alive and active in the eyes of the administration and moderators. It significantly increases the likelihood that published advertising will not be removed.

There are 3 versions of Xrumer. Xrumer Light for $150 is the basic version without plug-ins for 1 PC. Xrumer Standard for $350 is additionally supports SocPlugin, BlogsPlugin and 2 PCs maximum. Xrumer Business for $650 is differed by installation and use on 5 different PCs. Irrespective of the version, each user should pay monthly subscription fee of $10 per month.

As practice shows, the cost of the program can be easily and rather quickly repaid, especially if there is a clear idea of its future use.

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