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The website Ebay, is an online shop that has been around for about twenty years. It's website was first created in 1995.

Ebay is a place where individual's can come to buy or sell products in one place. These products can be purchased or sold to any country in the world. The aim of Ebay is to be the best place for purchasing unique and valuable products. It also provides sellers many opportunities not only to create and grow businesses, but to also be a successful business. Ebay's success depends on the success of their customers.

Ebay desires to empower those who choose to sell with them. They do not desire to compete with their sellers. Experiences between buyers and sellers is secure, fast and mobile.

There are a wide variety of individual's employed by Ebay. All of these individual's do a worthwhile work. The work that they do has a profound impact on those who choose to use Ebay.

As with all things in life, there are a few advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using Ebay. We will now have a brief look at what some of these advantages and disadvantages are.

Advantages of using Ebay include the following:

Convenience. Ebay allows its users to take their time in searching for the products they are after. Users do not have to be in a hurry when looking for what they need. Once a product has been found, it can be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Anybody can use Ebay. As long as individual's have access to the internet, it does not matter who you are or where they are when it comes to using Ebay.

Individual's can find all kinds of products on one website. They do not have to waste time searching other websites for what they need. Not only that, but Ebay allows its users to compare prices with different brands before selecting the exact product they are wanting to purchase.

Not only is using Ebay fun, but it is also very simple. Far simpler than what you might imagine it to be.

Disadvantages of using Ebay include the following:

Not being able to feel and touch the products you are seeking. When a product arrives on your doorstep, be aware that it may not be exactly what you were hoping it would be. Ebay does not allow users to try a product before it is purchased like you can when in a real store.

Not seeing who the seller is. Because you cannot see who the seller is who is selling the product to you, this means that it can be risky purchasing off Ebay. There are a few seller out there who will not give detailed and correct information about their products. This means you may get an unexpected and unwanted surprise once you have received the product. Make sure you all of the information you are wanting to know is correct and genuine.

Purchasing can be expensive. Many Ebay products require payments for shipping or posting their products. Particularly if the products are heavy or bulky. This means that shipping or posting fees may be expensive.

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