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Review of the BuzzBundle Program written by: suebeatrice Social media has taken the world by storm, with many people positively classified as “social media addicts”. We all know that one person who spends a substantial amount of time staring at their phone or hawking through numerous social media platforms in order to interact with people for entirely social reasons. The case is different when it comes to you who decides to use this channel as a means of marketing or advertising your brand. In such a case, it can be very demanding to navigate through all those social media sites in search for potential customers, and you might even be clueless on how you are going to market your company or product to the right people. But worry no more, because the BuzzBundle program has got you covered.

What is BuzzBundle?

BuzzBundle is a desktop software that helps you monitor ongoing conversations on social media sites, forums and blogs, and notifies you when and where a relevant subject is in discussion so that you can engage in such a conversation and hopefully promote your business or blog. The program is able to gauge the conversations that are relevant to you using keywords that you instruct it to search for. This way, you are able to know who is discussing something you are interested in all the time even if you are not active on that specific social media site at that instant, which frees you to pursue other things and still manage your social media accounts efficiently.

How does BuzzBundle Work?

You first download the software. You can either choose to use free software which has quite a number of limitations, or purchase it at a fair price. The free version is, however, great for testing whether BuzzBundle works for you before you commit to purchase it.

Once you open the software, you first create a project. You can create any number of projects, which are more like titles of the things you are interested in. Then you need to make sure that you search for settings and enable all human emulation settings as well as random user agents on the user agents. This will ensure that you do not run into problems with search engines like Google. After enabling your settings, you then need to add personas and all your social media accounts. You can add any number of personas, but ideally you should have one persona per project. The personas help you navigate through several social media sites simultaneously as different persons.

Also, you are at liberty to decide whether you want proxy servers or not. Proxy servers work by engaging the help of other machines apart from your desktop computer to access the internet thus freeing your computer to do other things besides monitoring conversations. They are ideal for people who have a much wider ground of social media sites and blogs to cover.

Another crucial step you need to take when setting up this social media management tool is setting up keywords. The whole program works on the kind of keywords you choose. Make your keywords as specific as possible in order to save yourself the agony of going through numerous irrelevant conversations by choosing just the right key words.

Additionally, if you do not have any social media accounts, there’s no need to worry because once you feed BuzzBundle with your email address, it will set up accounts for you in basically all social media sites. If you’ve done all this, then you are ready to go.

Advantages of using BuzzBundle

Promoting your product

Using BuzzBundle, you can promote your product to as many people as show the smallest interest in your product. Even if it is a blog that you really want people to start reading, then being able to engage with them at the time when they are discussing your blog is a great way to promote it. This real time interaction can do wonders for your website, product or blog. This tool is therefore a great way to advertise to people what you have to offer and you will notice a steady increase in the number of people visiting your website. Moreover, you can make bulk announcements using this crowd marketing tool which raises awareness about your business.

Time saving

This social media management tool is a great time saver. This is because while you are doing other things, it is always in the background, checking if anyone is interested in your product. You are therefore spared the agony of having to go through all your social media sites hoping that someone is interested in your products, which is not only tiring but also time consuming or even ill timed. Also, using BuzzBundle program, you do not need to keep logging in and out of those sites as they are always being monitored and this also saves you valuable time.

You can monitor your competition

Because you are able to join discussions on the internet as any person, thanks to the personas, you can very easily monitor what those who you are competing with are doing on social media, which works to your advantage. Also, you can engage with potential customers as a fellow customer without their knowledge which also works to your advantage.


Your confidentiality is fully protected when you are using this tool. You can rest assured that your profiles and logins are under good protection.

There are many other advantages that come with using this social media management tool, which include the fact that there is no limitation to the number of social media sites the tool can access, and that you are able to prioritize conversations which you will respond to according to how important you think they are to your business. Also, you can have automatically scheduled posts that will be posted at a predestined time. You can also keep feedback together in the form of reports and graphs, which help you to realistically gauge how popular your brand is.

Disadvantages of using BuzzBundle

The only fault with this program is that it can be slow to load data and take time to run, but the advantages far outweigh this disadvantage.

At the end of the day, you want your business to prosper, and social media is one powerful channel of advertising your products. So why not engage the help of this social media management tool to help make your dreams come true?

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