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When we talk about buying something online, there is hardly any doubt that the first name which comes to our mind is The company was founded in 1994 and over the past 22 years they have become one of the biggest ecommerce companies, if not the biggest. They are today a household name and there are hardly any products and services that are not available on their online ecommerce sites. They started their business as an online bookstore and later diversified into selling of CD and DVDs. Today they have well and truly become a monolith as far as ecommerce business is concerned. They are well and truly today a global organization and they have separate entities spread across USA, Ireland, United Kingdom, and in many countries of Europe and also many other countries like Japan, China, India, Brazil, and Australia. It also ships its products to countries where it does not have its presence.

The Management Style Is Amazing

There are many reasons why The Website Amazon is such a big hit amongst millions of customers, vendors, employees and other stakeholders. The reason why it has outgrown many other such online ecommerce businesses is because of the simple fact that it takes of its employees very well. The management style which the company adopts is unique. Whatever products it takes up for selling online, it makes a big impact. For example, in the year 2015, of all the speakers that were sold online in this country, accounted for 25% which is simply amazing to say the least.

Innovation Is The Name Of The Game

Being monotonous and being stereotyped is something that does not work at all in today’s business environment. Only those who are able to think out of the box and come out with something radical will be able to achieve something substantial. When we talk about e-commerce service of Amazon we can be sure that we are looking at something that is unique and totally different. For example they came out with a new concept called Amazon Locker. It ensures that products are not shipped to workplaces and also ensure that customers need not visit post offices for taking delivery of products and services.

The Best Of Customer Services

Any company cannot aspire to grow just by having a great product alone. It has to be backed by world class service standards. is famous for offering exemplary customers services and sets benchmarks and new standards for others to follow. It is a company which focuses on its customers rather than focusing on taking on competition. In a world of high velocity advertisement across all mediums, the online shop Amazon believes that word of mouth advertising is the best form of reaching out to more number of customers. This can be possible only if the customers are happy with the kind of services that they offer to them on a continuous and permanent basis.

They Are Fearless But Cautious

It would be pertinent to mention that Amazon is a company which over the years has grown rapidly and has left behind other ecommerce outlets way behind. Hence they are not afraid of taking on competition of any kind. However, at the same it would be pertinent to mention that they are cautious and are alive to the market scenario, especially the online ecommerce business. Therefore in one word their approach to the future could be described as one that factors the risks involved from competition but without being overawed by it.

The Final Takeaway

When one takes into account there is hardly any doubt will continue to be a wonder and perhaps even an enigma for many. There will be thousands who will simply marvel at their success story. On the other hand there will be many critics who may not exactly be in agreement with their approach to online business. There are many who believe that it is a bubble waiting to burst. But at the end of the day the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The customers, the vendors, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders are the one who will be the ones to pass a judgment on Amazon. Going by the previous experience most of the stakeholders are quite happy with as things stand today.

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