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Where to go on New Year's in to warm countries

The long-awaited New Year of 2017 is coming. The dressed New Year Tree is already in the house as well as the smell of tangerines with cinnamon. But on the window one can see again the magic “patterns”, there is a severe winter outside the window, which annoy to death. It is much better to celebrate the holiday in a warm atmosphere, I mean the climate. Do you want to celebrate the New Year, lying on the beach under palm trees? Where to go for New Year’s in 2017 to warm countries? You know, as they say, “A good year beginning makes the whole year good”.

1. Vietnam

Tourists speak well of the holiday in Vietnam, as a cheap and pleasant one. In December the tour for one person will cost starting with 450 USD for 7 nights, 11 nights will cost starting with 570 USD. In January, the tour price will be increased by 10 – 15 % due to improved weather conditions, and in February, the price reached its maximum limit. To find the perfect hotel, it is recommended to use a variety of services that will be able to choose the accommodation according to your wish.

Instead of sitting on the holiday in the room, you can go, like the Vietnamese do, to different night clubs, as well as you can celebrate holiday in the restaurant and taste traditional food, which seems to us exotic but will surprise us to the upside.

2. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a pretty traveled over tourist resort, but in the winter it is one of the best places for the tourist. In winter, the temperature is slightly lower than in summer, but it can be considered as the benefit only, because the tourists will not suffer from intolerable heat. Thanks to the variety of animals, plants, exotic and incredible pastime, Sri Lanka can be considered as a second paradise. The price for tickets starts with 1140 USD, but believe me, you will remember this holiday for a lifetime. You will find different kinds of SPA – procedures, as well as active recreation on the island.

3. The Philippines

Holiday on the Philippines is synonymous with something homelike, warm and tender. The white sand lies under foot, like our snow. The locals celebrate the New Year, hanging multicolored ribbons and decorations on the houses, instead of our Christmas tree they use bamboo. The New Year, festive atmosphere pervades everywhere. Tours will cost starting with 570 USD, but the one of the disadvantages is long and expensive flight.

In the New Year's Eve all well-established places will provide tourists with the funny and exciting program. This resort will provide you with great emotions and good mood for the whole year.

Relax and get warmed up for the whole year.