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Where the vacation is easy on the pocket-book in winter time at the seaside abroad?

In winter time, we really miss the summer and heat, and it is very easy to enjoy long, hot days this cold season. All it takes is to fly to a warm country. But where the vacation is easy on the pocket-book in winter time at the seaside abroad? Many people are interested in this matter, for this reason we consider a few countries that are worth visiting in the winter. Sunny Egypt

This country is the most attractive for Russian tourists because of the Red Sea, which can warm up to 22 degrees. The most interesting cities for visitors of this country are Hurghada and Sharm El-Sheikh. Besides that, this holiday can cost 250-300 USD for one person.

But it is necessary to be careful because of the pickpockets and the greater attention of the local men.


This is the place where you can step back from the outside world and enjoy the deserted white beaches. The air temperature and the water are 24 degrees. The tourists should visit Varadero and Havana.

American dollars are not very popular here, so they have to be exchanged immediately.

United Arab Emirates

This country attracts visitors from other countries because of the Persian Gulf and shopping. The air temperature is about 28 degrees, and water temperature is ranging from 18 to 19 degrees. The cost of holiday can exceed 700 USD.

There are strict rules of behavior here, which one should follow, as well as single women may be denied a visa.


The state consists of 1192 islands, that is why the tourists will have enough space for rest. The air temperature is 28 degrees, and the water temperature is 25 degrees.

But the rest here is quite expensive. One can spend about 1000 USD.


There is pretty hot here. The air is warming up to 30 degrees, and the water of the Indian Ocean is 25 degrees. As for the price, you will spend about 600 USD.

It is necessary to make prophylactic immunization before the trip to Goa.


The main advantage here is the fact that you don’t need a visa, and all it takes is to pay 25 USD to the local consulate. The air temperature during day and night is 30 degrees and the water temperature is 25 degrees. Talking about the cost of the holiday here, it could be about 650 USD.