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Where the vacation is easy on the pocket-book abroad in June 2017? Beach vacation!

Most of people from all over the world are looking forward to the summer vacation to get away from the vanity and see the world. In this article you will find the information about where the vacation is easy on the pocket-book abroad in June 2017. Let’s consider the key advantages and disadvantages of the famous resorts, which satisfy the financial needs of the tourists.




In spite of the events, which took place in 2016, Turkey remains one of the most favorite holiday destinations for many people. The holidays in Turkey are the beautiful sea, excellent service, exciting excursions and beautiful mountains. June is deemed to be the best month for a holiday in Turkey. During this period, the accommodation prices are the most favorable here. The climate is very pleasant here. It is not too hot, the sea is warm. You will have all the conditions for a great tan. However, due to the strained political situation, some countries have no direct flights to this country, that is a big disadvantage. But I do not think that such small details can stop the lovers of fantastic Turkey.


The summer in Greece is warmer than in Turkey. Greece is the rich landscapes and clean sea. You get the opportunity to enjoy not only a beach holiday, but also to visit historical places. On the mainland the sea is calm and the climate is warm, but on the islands the sea is lumpy.


Recently, this resort gains enormous popularity. Any and all the tourists will find the resource here. The beach vacation and the plenty of clubs are for dynamic youth. The hotels at the Dead Sea will answer the purpose of couples with children and those who simply want to improve their health and relax in silence. And of course, it is a great opportunity for those who like history and religion.

Morocco – Cyprus – Tunisia

People who like exotica will like these countries most of all. Morocco has good conditions for surfing and a bronze tan. The temperature here does not fall below 35 degrees, but along with this the light breeze is blowing from the sea all the time.

If you bear heavily high temperatures, then you should pay attention on Cyprus. This is also a great option for those who like noisy parties.

But those who like high temperatures will feel good in Tunisia.


This variant is not a budget one, but it will gladden you with Mediterranean beaches, authentic cuisine and beautiful sightseeing attractions.