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Treatment of heart tachycardia Medications

Table of Contents:

1. What a tachycardia is?

1.1. Symptoms.

1.2. Causes of occurrence.

1.3. What is the risk of it?

2. Treatment of tachycardia, medications.

1. What a tachycardia is?

Tachycardia is a known kind of cardiac arrhythmia; it can be recognized by checking your own heart rate. In the case when the heart rate is more than 90 beats per minute, then you need to make a visit to the doctor, but such a heart rate can be considered normal if you are go in for some kind of sport or do exercises.

1.1. Signs of tachycardia.

Tachycardia has a large number of “wake-up calls”. Their onset is determined by the dependence on intensity and the degree of duration.

While sinus tachycardia, subjective symptoms may be absent or insignificant:

• heartbeat;

• heavy weight on chest or chest pain.

Inadequate sinus tachycardia:

• palpitation;

• fast fatiguability;

• insomnia;

• absence of appetite.

1.2. Causes of tachycardia occurrence.

The causes of occurrence of this disease can be divided into 2 groups: cardiac and non-cardiac.

The cardiac factors include:

• cardiac failure (acute or congestive);

• severe form of cardiac angina;

• cardiac defects;

• myocardial infarction;

• myocarditis of different etiologies;

• thromboembolia of pulmonary artery.

Non-cardiac causes of tachycardia in young people:

• adrenal insufficiency;

• autonomic nervous system failures;

• endocrine disorders;

• low blood sugar level;

• bronchial asthma;

• allergic reactions;

• taking any medications;

• withdrawal syndrome with alcoholism, etc.

1.3. What the risk of tachycardia is?

Having made the conclusion from the above, tachycardia is the aging work performance of the heart. This can cause a large number of diseases. And the worst is death.

2. Treatment of tachycardia, medications.

Medications, doses and treatment regimens are selected only by a specialist based on the acquired fiscal methods of research: ECG, echocardiography, (Holter - ECG).

Therapy will need to be prescribed only if all the causes of the action are excluded, which have all the chances to stimulate this condition.

It is:

• exclusion of caffeine, and harmful habits (alcohol, tobacco);

• protecting against stress, excess mental, psychological and physical load;

• attending psychotherapy sessions, in case of neurogenic arrhythmia;

• reception of food products containing iron and plenty of liquid intake;

• adrenal capsule tumor excision.

Valerian and hawthorn extract can help you when rapid heartbeat.

Remember: Self-medication can make your health worse. If signs of tachycardia occur, it is critical to visit a doctor!