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Three-year-old child genyantritis Symptoms and Treatment

Sinusitis is an inflammation of sinuses. When such a disease is confirmed in three-year-old children, parents panic and do not know where to begin treatment. At this age, the immunity is still weak, that is why preschool-age children sick more often.

Let’s consider, what does sinusitis in a three-year-old child: symptoms, treatment mean.

At 3 years of age sinusitis can appear as due to weak immunity and past contagious, viral, allergic diseases.

Sinusitis is divided into several types:

• rhinogenic sinusitis appears as a result of the rhinitis in past;

• odontogenic sinusitis appears as a result of a dental disease;

• traumatic sinusitis appears due to deformation of the septum;

• pematogenous sinusitis appears after the infection.

The main signs of sinusitis are:

• swollen mucosa;

• respiratory difficulty;

• headaches when bending;

• hyperthermia;

• thick, profuse, green discharge from the nose;

• repeat runny nose after 10 days;

• alternate nasal congestion;

• pain in the inner corners of the eyes when pressing on the fossa canina;

• cheeks, eyelids swelling;

• inactivity and absence of appetite.

Treatment of sinusitis occurs at home. To relief general state of health, you need:

• humidify the air;

• keep the air temperature of 20-22 degrees;

• treat the nose with saline solutions;

• apply antipyretics when hyperthermia.

To improve breathing, a doctor may prescribe sprays or antibacterial agents. When long-lasting diseases for more than two weeks, doctors evacuate infected fluid and clean sinuses with antimicrobial agents. If the disease is neglected and irreparable, then the doctors take to the “cuckoo” method. The treatment is painless. A tube is placed in one naris, through which liquid is supplied, and from the other one, it is sucked off with a vacuum. At the same time, to avoid penetration of liquid to larynx, the child is asked to repeat the “cuckoo”. Such procedures are performed at least 5 times.

Operative treatment when sinusitis treatment in three-year-old children is applied in very rare cases.