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The kitchen interior in the modern classics style with photos

Classic contemporary styled design of the kitchen is an elegant and convenient solution in the design of the house. The classic firmly established motifs and quiet shades in a modern style are combined in this design. Every person who has desire to make renovations in his house or apartment, wants to look at the photos of the kitchen interior in the modern classics style.

Best of all this is reflected in the style of Italian modern kitchens, which are both expressive and stylish.

The pastel colors are used in the design of the kitchen, made in the modern classics style. If we talk about the basic forms and finishing coats, as in the photos of the kitchen interior in the modern classics style, we can emphasize the following points:

• Minimum of bright interior details.

• Natural stone used in finishing coats.

• Niches and arches.

• Soft shapes intertwine with strict angles.

• Multilevel ceilings and moldings.

• Prevailing cream, white and beige shades will mollify you; use of the combination of dull and glazed textures.

• Upgraded appliances, which have many useful functions, embellished with stylized facades.

• The addition of natural and artificially created light sources to emphasize the qualities of the white furniture.

Looking at the numerous photos of the kitchen interior in the modern classics style, you may notice that the dull tones predominate in the interior. Generally, the white color, completed with unusual, but calm tones is used: khaki, cocoa, creamy, cream, milk and others. Design in the modern classics style is a white kitchen, surrounded by the walls of quiet shades.

The kitchen in this style can fascinate you with the beauty of smooth tones and shades.

Looking at the photos of the kitchen interior in the modern classics style, you can see examples of the use of different finishing materials. Now we describe the materials that will look good in your kitchen:

• The materials for the walls can be: textured plaster with moldings, paintable wallpapers, original wooden lining or expensive textile coatings. Severe floral or geometric patterns will fit to these materials. The color of finishing should consist of warm and bright colors. The textile wallpaper will look beautiful in the dining room, and for the work benchtop is better to use ceramics.

• To cover the floor is better to choose such materials: wood block flooring, laminate flooring, ceramic tiles, and parquet. Laminate flooring is the most economically rational variant. Parquet will add presentability to the atmosphere of your kitchen, but in practice, the most convenient variant to use is ceramics. It is recommended to choose a texture, which may mimic the wood. Using stylized natural stone (it is dull rather than glazed), you can achieve the desired effect even with white ceramic tiles.

• Ceiling: designed in the light of aristocratic tones, with bright light sources. White ceiling can be emphasized by moldings. To create an expression, one can use multi-level constructions (stretched and counter ceilings). The ceiling may be even warm beige, but only if the surface is flat.

• Closed facades, painted surfaces, dull, but quality furniture. All these factors become important details of white kitchen in the modern classics style. Using patination techniques you can also artificially give a retro effect to facades, that is why the vintage furniture is sold at very high prices. These details you can see in the photos of the kitchen interior in the modern classics style.

White kitchen both in a classic and modern style should remain natural. It is very important to be careful with the details, such as the complex patterns or painting. If you still want to add something to your kitchen design, then use a wooden frame. The most important, when planning the kitchen in the modern classics style is a symmetrical interior.

When decorating the room it is better not to use a lot of plants, 1-2 vases will be enough for the kitchen. It is also recommended to use a multi-colored flower pots with moldings, painted porcelain, crystal dishes. Some metal elements will fit, if they are designed in a simple style, for example, bronze candlestick with flowers.

In the modern classics style, heavy draperies are changed for usual curtains, Roman blinds, roller shades or bamboo blinds. Even simple white lace curtains will look beautiful; it will permit light to your room.

Many variants for your kitchen you can find, looking at the photos of the kitchen interior in the modern classics style.