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The interior design of a country house. Photos of Economy Class

The interior design of a country house. Photos of Economy Class

How to build a country house of economy class? This is a project, which has limited budget funds. We will consider the most attractive lowest cost solutions.

The interior design of a country house. Photos of Economy Class

The variant of shabby chic style is based on the romance. This is the design with rare items, which can be purchased very cheaply. The main thing is to stick to one color scheme. The furniture and finish must fit together. Usually the bright colors, pink, blue, light green shades are used. The shade should create the aging and shabby effect. The plain framework as well as the clean lines is unfitted for shabby chic interior. The perfect for this design is decorative plaster. It is advisable to make the wood or laminate floor. One can lay a carpet of soft colors on the floor. The linoleum will be unnecessary here. Don’t use the gypsum plasterboards as well as the stretch ceilings. You must focus on the furniture. The furniture must be well-set but it doesn’t have to be a new one, even from the flea market. Take a deeper look under the leads of your grandmother’s house and you will find the furniture, which will decorate the interior and save your money. You just need to work hard on the restoration. The last stage is the flowers. The flowerings must be everywhere: on the dishes, in the pictures, in a vase. The perfect variant is the roses and cornflowers.

The rustic design is a more of a male style for the country interior of economy class. Mainly the wood and stone are used in this interior. The main thing is to imagine in advance the style of the room. The main aspect of the rustic style is a male brutality and at the first sight negligent fine finish. The defects of the materials used in interior are not hidden; rather it is the dignity of interior. For example, the old wood ladder and the cobblestone fireplace can be placed in the house. The design is based on the contrast of coarse material and fine statuettes, vases, stylish dishes or expensive furniture, if you have the opportunity to purchase it.

There is a Japanese style, which is the interior harmony. The bamboo, wood and textiles are used in this style. This is a big room, which is divided into several zones. The variety of room screens, multilevel floor, flooring, tats, special floor covering with the size of 90 for 180 cm are used in interior.

The furniture should be a small; the special pillows for sitting must be on the floor. It is possible to set a special tea-table in the room.

Having a rather small budget, you can create your own unique version of the interior.