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The Dominican Republic. Sightseeing attractions and interesting places

The vacation in the Dominican Republic attracts tourists with its beauty. Sun, palm trees, golden beaches, exotic animals and breathtaking nature all this is the Dominican Republic with its sightseeing attractions and interesting places, which you will see for sure! Upon arriving here, every tourist should certainly pry himself away from the passive recreation on the beach and visit some amazing places.

According to tradition, the first step is to visit the capital Santo Domingo with its best cigars and legendary meringues. First of all you have to visit the local Cathedral church. You may also like the excursion to the Museum of tobacco and the walk through the ancient streets of the city.

Do not pass by the city of La Vega. In addition to picturesque places you will find here the national shrine – the Temple of the Holy Mother Las Mercedes.

Without a doubt, the most beautiful places of the Dominican Republic can be regarded as those one, which are carefully designed and embodied by the Mother Nature. You can see the exciting and breathtaking waterfalls in the suburbs of Jarabacoa.

Balneario de la Confluencia, Salto de Jimenoa, Balneario de la Guasaras and El Salto de Bayyagate are the most beautiful waterfalls in the Caribbean. But if you want to see the most magnificent and splendid waterfall El Limon, you need to go to the Samana Peninsula.

Don’t walk past the Reserve Armando Bermudez and the highest peak in the Antilles – the peak Duarte, because the above mentioned sightseeing attractions are located near Jarabacoa.

You need to visit the salt lake Lago Enriquillo with a lot of crocodiles to increase the adrenaline. This place is located near the border with Haiti. There is also a chance to visit the cave “Three Eyes” and find you at the depth of 15 meters below the surface. At the heart of the underground Dominican Republic the sulfide lake will delight your eyes. These impressions will stay in your mind for a long time!

And, of course, don’t forget about glorious beaches! You will enjoy the emerald-blue sea, long beaches with the distinctive tender white and smooth sand. The most popular beaches of Puerto Plata will meet you in the north of the country.

The Dominican Republic will always attract tourists from all over the world with its places of interest and divine views. The Dominican Republic is a piece of Heaven on the Earth with gorgeous waterfalls, inviting beaches and intriguing coral reefs.