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The apartment renovation on the weekend. The law!

Renovation is an ordeal for everyone!

A huge number of disputes arise between the residents of apartment buildings concerning renovation. Those who start to make renovation want to finish it as soon as possible, and their neighbors want silence. In order to avoid conflicts, it is necessary to follow the certain rules and regulations. The disciplinary, administrative or criminal liabilities are provided for the public disturbers. If the conflict situations arise during the disputes, if necessary, the District police officer may be present.

The renovation is permitted to make during the working days. The law allows making the apartment renovation on the weekend on Saturdays. The total period of renovation may not exceed 12 four months. Continuous noisy renovation works may last no longer than six hours. If the period of renovation works exceeds the allowed one, it is necessary to obtain the written permission of neighbors for making the renovation works within the time established by law. But there is no need to get the approval for architectural replanning, if it does not effect on the supporting walls and demising walls. The use of passenger lift for transportation of construction materials is prohibited, as the passenger lift has load-lifting capacity.

There is a time limit for making the renovation works. Such works as the disassembling of the walls or laying communications due to increased noise level can be made from 9.00 am to 7.00 pm. The works related with the noise of jack hammer or pneumatic hammer, for example, painting, are allowed to make from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm.

Besides that, the allowable standards of vibration level are developed, that is why not all of the equipment can be used for renovation in the apartment house.

One can not obstruct, fill with rubbish the public corridors, stairs, lifts, paths of escape. The construction waste must be packed in specialized bags or packages.

In order to avoid the misunderstandings during apartment improvement, one must bear in mind these simple rules and then your design fantasies won’t be your headache.