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Tachycardia. Symptoms and treatment. What pills one should take?

What a tachycardia is: symptoms and treatment, what pills one should take? Let’s try to figure this out. There are three types of tachycardia:

• atrial;

• ventricular;

• sinoatrial.

Tachycardia is treated with such drugs as:

• Phinoptin is a papaverine derivative;

• Etacisin accelerates cardiac blood flow, improves blood supply;

• Rhytmilenum acts on the ventricular and atrial tachycardia;

• Pulsorma has a long-term antiarrhythmic action.

When ventricular tachycardia, the source of excitation is in the myocardium. To neutralize it, lidocaine is administered. If it does not help, procainamide is administered.

Patients with short-term paroxysms of atrial tachycardia do not need treatment. In such cases the intervening treatment is used.

Ventricular tachycardia is treated with such medicines: diltiazem, propafenone, verapamil, amodaron, aymalin, quinidine, disopyramide.

Violations of sinus tachycardia, which are caused by dehydration, hormonal disorder or anemia, should be removed by eliminating the factors that provoke it, namely:

• vitamin therapy;

• psychotherapy;

• proscribe coffee, cigarettes, alcohol;

• normalize the thyroid gland;

• eliminate iron deficiency.

It is necessary to take medication:

• beta-blockers to relieve stress;

• potassium channel blockers;

• cardiac glycosides;

• antianxiety drugs;

• antioxidants.

Intravenous and intramuscular medications are used at home.

To stop attacks of nodular arrhythmia vagal maneuvers are used:

• cough;

• massage;

• cause vomiting;

• washing with cold water.

Such procedures are conducted by medical specialists.

If you can not stop tachycardia with medication, electrical cardioversion is applied.

To cure severe forms of tachycardia, medications are used together with traditional remedies. For example, valerian, which soothes pain, black pepper, which reduces heart rhythm, walnut as an antioxidant, hawthorn, which stimulates the immune system are used.

When using these or other medications, you need to carefully study not only their advantages, but also side effects.