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Signs of an ectopic pregnancy at an early stage

Ectopic pregnancy is the process when a fertilized ovum is attached to ovaries, abdominal cavity, and uterine tubes or to other organs other than the uterus. This is usually considered pathology and this process will never be finished with the birth of a child, and it is impossible to carry child under such conditions. This pathology is very dangerous for a woman, and it can not be always revealed immediately. The consequences of such pregnancy are always unpredictable and can be complicated by the deterioration in the condition of the pregnant woman. There are cases of ectopic pregnancy that proceed asymptomatically for a long time. It is very dangerous for the woman’s body.

When, due to circumstances, a fertilized ovum stops and attaches itself to another organ other than the uterus, developing in this place, the process will lead to the fact that the diameter of the tube is increased, and the uterine appendages are not intended for the load. If one of the symptoms is detected, it is necessary to consult a doctor in time otherwise the tunic of uterine tube can gave out and torn.

Signs of ectopic pregnancy in the early stage of 5-6 weeks: any disturbing pain in the lower abdomen, in the side on the left or right side. Such pain is formed at the place of attachment of the ovum to the uterine tubes. If the pain in the lower abdomen is in the middle, this may be one of the signs of cervical pregnancy.

In this case, pain occurs during walking, with a change in the position of the body and body turning.

Cervical pregnancy is considered extremely dangerous. When this type of pregnancy symptoms are almost invisible, pain is almost not felt. Another important feature is the bloody discharge due to the great number of blood vessels in the place where the ovum is attached. Sometimes blood loss can be so vast that it threatens the life of a woman. In this case the treatment occurs only under the supervision of a doctor.

Most often the tubal pregnancy may occur, also accompanied by vast blood loss.

If you do not take the necessary measures in time concerning treatment, there is a danger of peritonitis.