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Sightseeing attractions of London. Photos with the names

London is the capital of Great Britain. Let’s look at the sightseeing attractions of London. Photos with the names.

This is a very old city, founded Before the Common Era. London is a cultural city, which venerate traditions and history. The large number of cyclists, red public call boxes and buses, impressive architecture, plenty of museums and parks will strike your eyes.

The most significant and renowned architecture in London is a Tower Bridge. This symbol of London is very popular among the guests of the city. A bascule and suspension bridge celebrated its opening at the same time in 1894. The design of the bridge is simple, when the lower part is put to work, the upper one remains accessible to pedestrians.

Everyone, who has visited London in the past, should see Big Ben, another sightseeing attraction. It is crowned with glory part of the Westminster Palace. Big Ben is the most striking architectural symbol of London and the most popular among locals and tourists.

Traveling in London, your first place to stop should be Piccadilly Street. It is located, as well as Big Ben, in Westminster. This street can be heard from different fiction books of famous writers. You will see bright and numerous posters, besides that you can sit on the steps near the famous statue, installed in memory of the charitable activity of Lord Shaftesbury.

While in London, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the most famous crossroads of Abbey Road, which is memorized on the album of the band known publicly as The Beatles. On the same street there is a recording studio, where the band recorded their album.

Trafalgar Square is another place in London, which one should definitely visit. It is located in the center of the most important streets of Westminster - Strand, Whitehall and the Mall. Under the square is the underground station Charing Cross of Bakerloo and North line.

Of course, you must visit the house of Her Majesty the Queen. She lives at Buckingham Palace, which is the official representative of the Queen. This huge castle has its own police department and two post office, hospital, swimming pool, bar and garden. The area of the Palace is about 20 hectares, with such square footage it can be considered as a small town.

Do not pass by the well-known museum of Sherlock Holmes. He is waiting for you at the same address, where Sherlock Holmes and his friend Watson lived. It is Baker Street.

You should also visit the British Museum. This historical and archaeological museum is considered one of the greatest museums in the world. In 1753 it was founded with the permission of the Parliament of the British Empire. You will be able to visit the 94 galleries with the length of 4 km in this museum.


The symbol of Great Britain, the Tower of London is the fortress, which bathes by the famous River Thames. It is one of the oldest historical buildings in England. Throughout its existence, the Tower was: storage of royal jewels, prison, and zoo. This fortress was founded by William I in 1078. Unfortunately for the moment, only Museum and the Armoury Chamber, where the treasures of the British Crown stores, are available. According to official data, the Tower of London is considered to be the royal residence.

We could talk about London and its sightseeing attractions we can long time, but it is better to go and see with your own eyes. It's an unforgettable feeling when you walk on the streets of London, the smell of baking beckons to visit every coffee shop, and historical attractions show with fascination that for the sake of history they are going to stand forever. A person who wants to breathe the history should visit this wonderful city of London.