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Sightseeing attractions of England. Photo with the name and description

If you want to get a lot of positive impressions and realize your tourist desires, then you need to visit the mysterious England.

This country is suited to every fancy. For those who like shopping, here one can find a vast number of interest and branded goods.

The lovers of the ancient times will be able to visit and appreciate the ancient castles and churches. The young people at acceptable prices can stay in hostels and let loose in the nightclubs and pubs of the city.

And now let’s consider in detail the sightseeing attractions of England. Photo with name and description:

1. Windsor Castle

It is the most ancient castle, which is the official residence of Queen Elizabeth II. Besides that, in the largest castle at the moment, there is a puppet theater, a wonderful garden and the famous Royal Library.

2. London Big Ben

It is the symbol of England, which can be viewed only from the outside; because the tourists are not allowed to go the inside of (special permit is required). The Clock Tower is famous for its bell, which weighs almost 14 tons.

3. Westminster Abbey

It is the most famous temple of the country and the holy shrine of England, in which the English monarchs are crowned and married. There are the tombs of famous writers and prominent people here. This construction is still in a good state.

4. Tower Bridge

This bridge is located over the River Thames, and its tower built in the Gothic style. There are pedestrian galleries inside the towers.

5. Stonehenge

This sightseeing attraction is shrouded in mystery and mysticism, because no one knows its origin. You need to overcome 130 km to see the mysterious stones.

6. Hyde Park

The whole area is conceived for guests of the capital, because here you can carry out horseback riding, ride a bicycle or make a walk along the paths with pleasure.

There are many buildings, gardens and streets in this country, which occupy attention of the visitors and inquisitive people.