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Sightseeing attractions in Barcelona. Photos with the names and descriptions

Barcelona. Perhaps everyone heard of the football club “Barcelona” as well as of the city itself. But have you ever seen the beauty of this wonderful and inimitable city? If not, I suggest you to plunge into it right now. Well, let’s get started. Sightseeing attractions in Barcelona. Photos with the names and descriptions.

For the start it is worth pointing out that the most beautiful and famous street in Barcelona of 1.2 kilometers long is La Rambla. I think everyone would like just once to find oneself on this street and take a walk along it.

If you like medieval art, it is a sin to miss such sightseeing attraction as the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic). The Gothic Quarter is the heart of old Barcelona. Passing through it, there is a feeling that you are in Barcelona in the Middle Ages, because the most of its buildings appeared in the 14-15 centuries.

The special sightseeing attraction is the Sagrada Familia (Carrer de Mallorca), because it has a solid relationship with religion. They don’t call Barcelona “the Heart of Catalonia” for nothing. This architectural masterpiece is still building until now and its completion is expected by 2026.

Such city as Barcelona is bound to have amazing and attractive museums. One of these museums is the museum dedicated to the very famous artist Pablo Picasso; it is called the Picasso Museum. The most remarkable pictures of Picasso are featured in the Permanent exhibition in museum. Currently, the museum has 3,800 works of the great artist Picasso, which do not leave cold the souls of the real connoisseurs of art.

And at the end of today's adventure I would like to introduce to you “the tidbit” of the city, the reason why more than million people come to Barcelona. This is something that leaves them dumbfounded after the tour to this amazing sightseeing attraction. I don’t want to hang a leg. It's Camp Nou Stadium, where every fan of FC “Barcelona” wants to be.

In conclusion I'd like to say that if you have the opportunity to visit this incredible city, I recommend you jump at this chance, because it is amazing to see all the beauty of Barcelona live.