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MDF wall panels. Installation with your own hands

Recently, MDF wall panels are very popular. They are easy to install, besides it is an inexpensive way to make renovation. Another advantage of this material, that there is no need to decorate it after installation, as paintable wallpaper or decorative plaster.

MDF wall panels. Installation with your own hands

So, how to install these panels with your own hands? There are two ways: one is the fastening on assembly adhesive or installation of the panels on the frame using small nails. If you prefer the assembly adhesive, you must take into account that the wall must be perfectly flat.

For installation you need the following tools:

• Lock saw or vertical saw.

• Level tube

• Straight-edge, L-steel, marker or pencil.

• Tape rule.

• Screwer or screwdriver.

• Flat nose pliers

As for installation of the panels on the frame, this way is perfect to hide the pipes or uneven walls.

First of all you must make the frame of wooden bar (or metal shape). For the wooden one, you can use small nails and a hammer.

If you choose a metal shape, you need the screwer. This way of facing remains a gap between the wall and the panel. The lack of air in the gap creates mould and mould fungus. Therefore, first of all you need to examine the wall carefully. If the wall is wet, then treat it with an antifungal composition and dry with the hot air gun. After treatment, the wall must be coated with plaster, especially if it has cracks and roughness. You have to wait till the surface dries. Then plaster is covered with a primer coat, preferably with antifungal components.

If you decided to install MDF wall panels on adhesive cement, you must choose the good one. The best variant for this purpose is to use liquid nails. First you need to draw a horizontal or vertical line using the level tube to install the panels accurately. Apply the adhesive cement on each panel pointwise or drawing undulated dash lines. Push it against the wall and separate. This must be done in order to adhesive cement dried up. Then push and fasten it tight. But using this method you cannot provide the wall with heat insulation.

It is very easy to install MDF wall panels with your own hands!