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How do you know without pregnancy tests are you pregnant or not?

Is it possible, in general, to determine such an interesting condition without a pregnancy test?

Naturally, there are no ironclad guarantee ways. In this article I will try to describe in detail how do you know without pregnancy tests are you pregnant or not.

If you have the symptoms of nausea, vomiting, intolerance of many smells and flavors, you should pay proper attention to it. At the beginning of pregnancy, many women have toxicosis, it can be accompanied by both normal nausea and vomiting reflexes.

Delay of menstruation for more than 9 - 10 days may also be one of the signs of pregnancy.

There are sudden changes in mood, apathy, nervousness, unwillingness to listen to anyone and in general agree with anyone.

During pregnancy some women have also pain in mammary glands. But with such a sign, the best way is to visit a doctor immediately, since the pain can be a sign of not only pregnancy, but also a symptom of a nascent disease. It is better not to delay with this and immediately contact a specialist.

As ridiculous and stupid as it sounds, but when a woman becomes pregnant, she dreams of catching a fish by her own. This is not for every woman course, but if she caught a fish in her sleep, your family might soon get new addition. Frankly speaking, this method has been verified personally, and twice this dream did not let me down. First of all, I was catching fish at night, and then took the pregnancy test and now I am the happy mother of two sons. So do not neglect such dreams, they are often so truthful.

Well, probably the most proven and reliable way is just to go to a gynecologist and do a medical check-up for pregnancy. None of the tests will show you for sure if you are pregnant or not. Even an ordinary pregnancy test from a pharmacy can deceive you. It can show that you are pregnant, although in fact there is no pregnancy or vice versa show sacred two strips and you will get a pleasant surprise.

If you have any symptoms or you suspect that you are pregnant, visit your doctor without delay!