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How to invest money in 2017 for fear of loss of it. Advices of the experts.

Is the investment a risk or a great way to save welfare?

Currently the economics is far from perfect. Accordingly the immediate forecast is unnerving. The banking system has very much shaken, the loan interest rates have hugely increased, resulting in the decline of the rate of the national currency. The stock market makes every citizen think.

The daily question for a lot of people is how to save welfare and whether to invest money anywhere? The optimism is the first thing which helps to stand out. Well, if for this moment you already have capital, so it means that before that you did everything right. Now the most important thing is to determine the instruments of investment.

How to invest money in 2017 for fear of loss of it. Advices of the experts.

We offer 15 ways to save the capital, which will help you to minimize the risk of losing money investments.

1. Deposit

Currently, not all the banks are stable. Nevertheless, the bank deposit is a good instrument for saving money. How to make the right choice and avoid mistakes, because the things of the foreign currency are in a bad way. And you can have difficulties if you need your money back. That is why the right decision is to invest money still in the national currency, which is desirable to distribute in different financial institutions. That is the way how you will secure yourself in case of the collapse of one of them.

Of course the state banks are the most stable ones. But there are only few of them and their interest rate is not always very high. It is therefore necessary to keep track of the reliability rating of banks; they are usually stable and not subject to change.

2. Real property purchase

It is always a reliable way to invest your money, which get your money's worth. It is not necessary to have a huge capital to start making money in this field. It is enough to buy a small property, such as an efficiency apartment in the new house, which can be further rented and for which you can receive a profit.

The rather that real property purchase in case of economic blow will be much cheaper than in event of its growth. Therefore, at the best of times you can always sell the real property easily, with making money on the difference between the purchase and sale.

3. Investing in Mutual Funds

The most important thing is to find the responsible stock exchange analysts, which will manage your finances; whose work must be paid.

A good advantage when working with the mutual funds is that, in any case, at any time, in any circumstance you will be able to return your money. That is the matter of time. But then the stability is ensured.

4. Peer-to-peer Lending (P2P)

The practice of lending money to unrelated individuals without going through a traditional bank or other financial institution concluding the insured agreement with them.

5. Binary Options

The most important thing is to know the ropes of the marketing system and to find a good, knowledgeable broker. And go for it! Without all this, it is better not to use this instrument.

6. Investment in someone else's business

It is risky, especially when the economy is at a low level. It is initially recommended to invest the part of your capital and keep on top of the increment in profit. It is advisable to have everything in your hand or find the credible specialists.

7. Investment in private business

This instrument for saving your money is risky too. It is necessary to think out of every turn, create step-by-step plan and choose the sphere of business. Of course, the most profitable sphere is that one, which is not very popular on the labor market.

8. Deposit of money in precious metals

The same as the purchase of real estate it is a sure option. Buying bullions, coins and antiques you will not get large profit from this investment, but your capital will remain safe and well.

9. Art

This instrument is for those people who knowledgeable in this sphere, not for everybody. The same as the previous instrument, the purchase of a few masterpieces will let you save your money in a period of economic decline.

10. Venture capital funds

This instrument is risky, because you will have to invest money in the startup companies, which still develop their new projects. No one can be sure of the result. You will have to wait for the profit until you see the result of work.

11. Crypto-currency

This electronic instrument of payment is possible alternatively. The crypto-currency has a high range of protection, the impossibility of the money inflation.

12. Investment in the phone application

For now this is the most profitable investment, which really makes a profit.

13. Investment in social networks

Again, this instrument is very risky, because at this time it is the most common type of earnings, where you can meet a lot of swindlers. You can use this instrument, but you must act properly.

14. Purchase of payment terminal

The payment terminals are very popular now. People pay for its service a fee. Of course such investment will be profitable.

15. Investment in yourself

Personal development is a key to success, the starting point in the development of business, the guarantee of further profit and earnings.

For the right investment of your money, you need to think of a few rules that need to be followed, which will help you to pull back from the brink.

• Do not use the loan proceeds for investment, because the investment is always a risk;

• Make a plan for investment and follow it;

• Learn from the experience of others.

You have read about the key advices of the experts on how to invest money in 2017. But it is up to you which way you will choose.