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How to connect wireless headphones to the phone

Let’s consider advices that will help the user to connect via Bluetooth to other devices:

1. How to connect properly Bluetooth headphones to a Smartphone?

First of all, users of Bluetooth-headphones appreciate this device for being universal and very convenient to use. To fully use this headset, first you need to make a connection to a mobile phone.

• First of all it is necessary to activate Bluetooth on two devices;

• Search active devices;

• Run the identification process, and then add to the list Bluetooth headphones and pair. This process may require a password, by default, as usual, this is “0000”. Details are usually indicated in the instructions;

• Everything is ready to use.

2. How to connect wireless headphones to your phone via Bluetooth

Wireless headphones make life easier for their owners, and especially for those who like to listen to music in the transport or those who like to talk while driving a car.

• You need to make sure that the Bluetooth connection is activated on the Smartphone;

• Turn on the wireless headphones, then pair the devices;

• Everything is ready to use and you can fully enjoy the sound without any extraneous sounds.

Everyone should know that before connecting wireless headphones and smart phones (mobile phones), it is necessary to clarify whether these two devices will fit together. If manufacturers use different versions of connection protocols, they may not work correctly or do not function at all.

Having paired first time between Bluetooth-headphones and a Smartphone, this connection will no longer be required. But if the mobile phone is turned off, then you just need to select the device in the list on your Smartphone.

Bluetooth-headset can not work simultaneously with several devices. The wireless headphones are powered by the built-in battery.

Detailed instructions about the connection can be found in the description of devices, as well as on web pages.