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How much does it cost to build a turn-key house from a bar?

To begin with, let’s see whether build or not a house from a bar? In the summer house building, the most popular and at the same time the most expensive construction material is a wooden bar.

The wood has been used for house building from the earliest times. This material is good for living, environmentally friendly and has excellent thermotechnical characteristics; it means that you can save you money on heating. The wooden house has good indoor climate thanks to the capacity of wood to absorb odors and maintain humidity.

Let’s consider the advantages of the construction of a turn-key house from a bar:

• Durable and lightweight material, which has low conductivity, natural decorative effect, easy to work and install.

• It is useful for the health, has a pleasant smell filled with essential oils and resins.

The wooden house has almost no disadvantages:

• Periodic impregnation compound treatment of facade.

• The high cost of the material.

Anyway, how much does it cost to build a turn-key house from a bar?

The price of your house depends on the species of wood from which the house is built.

Let's take a look at some species of wood:

• Oak is well known in our country. This species of wood is very durable and rot proof.

• Beech is another kind of durable and rigid wood, which is not inferior to oak, but unfortunately, it is subjected to rot.

• Ash is quite rigid and tough material. As a result it is difficult to work with it, but it easy to bend it when using the steam.

• Pine is very durable tree at low weight. It is very easy to work with this species of wood. The wood has a burnt orange or jonquil yellow color.

• Linden and Aspen. The bar made of these species is considered to be the best material for the construction of bath-house. Linden is quite expensive material, but it corresponds to its price.

If you are serious to build a wooden house, then you do not need to trust pseudo-professionals. It is better to contact the specialists in this field, who do their work first-rate, consult you on an issue and give you the accurate price.

Save your time and money!