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How can newcomer make money in the Internet without investment quickly from the ground up?

The local area network users began to ask this question since this reign of infinite possibilities began to appear in many families. Many people would like to make money in the World Wide Web, staying at home. It is convenient, because in addition to the work you can do household chores.

Is it possible to make money in the Internet? Yes, it is. For some people it is just a side job, and for self-motivated people, it is the primary source of revenue. Any person who has access to the Internet can be engaged in such business.

There are many different ways how you can do it. For some ways you do not need any skills, but for others, you have to make an effort, and of course the earnings will be higher. You get to choose!

What are the ways?

• Surfing;

• Social networks;

• Applications for the smartphone;

• Freelance;

• Copywriting.


The mail service is important when you break new ground of your independent search of earnings. This earning capability probably can be called ‘pick-up work’. It doesn‘t take an expert to make money in this way, but you will spend all your money after the first shopping.

The work consists of following links of advertisers of your Internet–resources and staying there for a while, viewing the contents. This way increases the customer’s Website resource rating.

There are many different popular mail services, which help to earn a satisfactory profit. You should create an account on two, or even more, mail services.

Social networks

The previous way of making money takes up a lot of time. You need to choose other sources of income. There is another way of easy money – the social networks.

You will be paying for the most typical procedures: like, repost, subscriptions, comments. There is nothing very difficult about it, but for this way you will require accounts in different social networks. You will get more proposals for the tasks performance as well as profit if you have widely promoted account.

Applications for smartphone

There are some people for whom the smartphone plays an important role in their life. They can keep it hold and make money. For this purpose you need your smartphone powered by iOS or Android, local network access, free memory on your phone and your time.

All you need is to install applications on your smartphone. After download you don’t need to delete it for a while.

There are times when you are required to use the application, play-through the game up to a certain level and, of course, submit your review in the programs downloading service and estimate it for receipt of wages.


This earning is reputed as principal one, because you have to work hard for it. There are many people of intellectual creativity among freelancers: programmers, journalists, designers, advertisers. This distant work is for those people who have a desire to work, and some kind of creative skills.


Copywriting is writing of texts for sale, only ‘for sale’ rather than ‘to order’. After all, it is not necessary to have someone, who orders the text, and then you write it. You can just write texts on any topic you like, and then sell these topics on the copywriting stock exchange or, for example, on the forum. Of course, you need to write not the third-rate texts, but the complicated ones to earn good money.