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Furuncle on women pubic area Treatment and Photo

The furuncle in the pelvic region of women can be a consequence of deterioration of health or decrease in immunity. This region of the female body is very vulnerable, due to the proximity of the genital organs and lymph nodes. Furuncles that occur in this region are usually more painful than in other regions of the body. They cause severe pain and discomfort during walking. If the furuncle is not pointed, body temperature rise, weakness and drowsiness have been observed. When it is pointed, you should immediately visit a doctor. Incorrect treatment or even its absence, can lead to undesirable consequences.

Most often, they appear in the pelvic region or in the armpits. This inflammation can occur with the activity of streptococcus or staphylococcus – harmful bacteria. Usually, healthy immunity copes with their effects and therefore the appearance of the furuncle is a clear signal of deterioration of health. In addition to poor immunity, inflammation can be caused by hormonal disorders, abnormal sweat glands function or lack of vitamins. Besides that the furuncle can occur due to skin cover damage when removing hair. Wearing narrow, unsuitable off-size synthetic underwear can also provoke the appearance of inflammation.

In the most serious cases, furuncles in the perineum of women arise due to venereal diseases. They can be caused by pubic lice, the herpes virus or molluscum contagiosum. Only the doctor can tell you about exact reasons and suitable treatment, but after the delivery of all necessary medical tests.

It is totally unacceptable to warm or pop the furuncle. You can apply the aloe mixture or Vishnevsky ointment and fix it with a plaster. You can also treat the furuncle with Levomikol ointment or hydrogen peroxide.

On average, the treatment of furuncle takes 2 weeks, but if after this period you still have it, you must urgently go to the hospital. To prevent the appearance of furuncle, it is necessary to comply with all the rules of female hygiene, wear suitable underwear of natural fabrics, eat properly and maintain immunity.