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Franchise. Catalogue of 2017 for small businesses without investment

Currently, one can find in any developed city the entertainment centers and public establishments, which help to relax and forget any present troubles. There are some companies in this market, for which, unfortunately, it is difficult to compete with large scale enterprises. That is why, more and more often the entrepreneur, instead of opening a new establishment, buys a franchise of famous and popular brand, thereby promoting it.

As a first step, you need to understand what a franchise is. This is the successful result of purchase of the name of popular brand. Together with the purchase of franchise the owner buys an absolutely complete information to conform to all standards of the franchisor. Thank to this the entrepreneur starts a business with minimum risk to his capital.

Franchise for small businesses

At this period more and more famous companies offer this service for small and medium-sized businesses. Some businesses on their official websites or specialized websites provide all the information, conditions, and the way how and where to buy a franchise.

The advantages of franchise are:

1. Minimum risk when starting a business from the ground up;

2. Minimum competition;

3. Possibility of further development;

4. Possibility of study in the course of work.

There is a franchise in Internet called Catalogue of 2017 for small businesses without investment, which provides all the information. In particular such catalogues are divided into categories:

1. Food;

2. Sector of services, goods and trade;

3. Work by use of the Internet;

4. All goods for children of different ages.

Offer for small towns

Everyone should understand that it is not profitable to open large enterprise or an expensive restaurant business in the city with a small number of people. Although in such town one can far easier to:

1. lease the premises;

2. obtain a positive reputation of opened establishment;

3. find employees;

4. keep the small businesses with minimum expenses.

Franchise. Catalogue 2017 for small businesses without investment

The entrepreneur is making mistake thinking that with the purchase of a franchise he will not have to invest anything. Anyway it will be necessary to make franchise fee for the right to own brand label. In most cases, before starting the business you will have to:

1. purchase the necessary equipment and tools;

2. purchase the goods ahead;

3. lease the premises;

4. register a firm and advertise it.

5. find out how much it cost to buy the name of well-known brand (franchise)?

All information about the cost of the name of any of the proposed venture can be found in the Internet. You can also find the description of the business ideas and assistance in translating it into action. For example, the KFC is a popular chain of fast food outlets. Their specialization is chicken food. Franchise for the brand name can be purchased on the official Web-site, the cost is about 47 700 USD (initial payment). If the owner of the franchise will work successfully for half a year, all the sum of money invested will be repaid. It is a bargain & quick for the money. By the way, you can easily draw the start-up capital from the bank.