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Florence. Italy. Sightseeing attractions. Photos

Florence is the heart of Tuscany. All kinds of monuments and remarkable places are located here. These are spectacular splendid palaces and magnificent cathedrals, squares and numerous museums. It may take not only one day to dip into the atmosphere of this ancient city, which was founded in the 1st century BC. If you short of time you should pay attention on the city of Florence in Italy and its sightseeing attractions, the photos of which one can find here.

You should start the tour in the city with the Cathedral Square. This is the place where the huge Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is located. It can be seen from far away thanks to enormous dome, which reaches the height of 90 meters. The Cathedral can simultaneously accommodate 30 thousand people. The gothic church impresses visitors with its size as well as beautiful architecture. The facade is decorated with carved bright marble lining, and the interior impresses with the paintings and sculptures of the Age of Renaissance.

Next to the Cathedral you can see the Giotto's bell tower, the tower of which is the integral part with the temple dome. Climbing up the tower, you can enjoy the beautiful prospect to the City view. Besides the bell tower, the Baptistery forms the part of the Cathedral complex. Its peculiar bronze gates, decorated with engraved patterns compel the attention of the tourists.

Don't pass up going the Uffizi Gallery. One of the most world famous art galleries has contained a great number of priceless works of art of the Italian and European masters, including Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Titian and many others. The credit of creation of the gallery goes to the Medici family.

Palazzo Vecchio is one of the most famous architectural structures in Florence. It is the residence of government, which was built in the XIII century. The building is interesting for its contrasts: the exterior powerful facade is crowned with a clock tower and courtyard is exceptionally elegant. There are the Hall of Five Hundred, the Hall of Lilies with beautiful frescoes, and the huge globe in the palace. The interior space is decorated with sculptures and paintings of the Age of Renaissance.

Ponte Vecchio is the oldest bridge in Florence. The unusual thing of this place is that on the both sides of the bridge were built the houses straight above the water. Another highlight of this place is the indoor corridor which in all weather allows passing from the Vecchio Palace to Pitti Palace.

Palazzo Pitti is a huge Palace, previously owned by the powerful Medici family. The strict building looks not as remarkable as its interior. The interior of the Palace impresses with its frescoes, painting on the walls and stucco work. Here you can get acquainted with the masterpieces of the Age of Renaissance, and visit one of the museums: the Museum of Silver, the Museum of Costume, the Carriage Craft Museum and the Gallery of Modern Art.

Palazzo Medici-Riccardi with all its grand appearance and decoration even today emphasizes the greatness and influence of the Medici family, which it had at those times.

Boboli Gardens set up in the sixteenth century, as much as to say that Florence is famous not only for its stone buildings, but also the magnificent natural landscapes. Gardens overflow with the history; they were the place where the Duke of Tuscany, the Medici liked to walk.

San Lorenzo Church is the oldest basilica in Florence. It was built in 4th century BC. This temple is also known as the resting place of the princes of the Medici dynasty.