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Design of apartment in a modern classic style. Photos

Design of apartment in a modern classic style is perfect for those who appreciate the harmony and refinement. The apartment is decorated in this style is elegant and at the same time simple. Noble and soft colors, which used in the interior, help to achieve the necessary comfort and refinement. This style is versatile due to the fact that it is possible to combine things that are applicable in the classic, retro and modern style. You can see the design of apartment in a modern classic style on the photos.

Kitchen in a modern classic style

All in the kitchen is focused on the dining area, and therefore, it is rather similar to the dining room than the cooking space. In the design of this room, you can use tables with elegant carved legs and upholstered chairs, plain ones or with soft patterns. Besides that, suitable curtains, chandeliers and other lamps play very important role in this style. You can improve design by means of the decoration of the walls with paintings. This will give the finished shape and refinement to the dining room. It would be better if the working area in the kitchen will be designed in the same color as all the room. If you don’t want the room look black, you can not to be without bright colors in the modern classic style. You can set either a small sofa or a bright table vase in the kitchen.

Design of the bedroom in a modern classic style

The colors used in the interior of a bedroom should be muted and noble. Beige and light brown shades as well as dark green, light blue or yellow colors are well suited for this style. The bedroom should be both beautiful and functional. You can divide room into a sleeping area and a lounge one using shelves stands. It makes sense to use the space under the bed for the withdrawable drawers.

Decoration of the living room

You can try to combine different wallpapers to improve the design. It is necessary to combine the patterns on the wallpapers or the principal color with curtains and decorative elements, such as couch cushions. You can use curtains of light fabric to expand the room visually. The table with carved legs and fresh flower on it or distinguished lamp with carved lampshade fits harmoniously into such style.

In the modern classic style you can use a wide stretch of imagination to realize all your potential and to combine all your heart desires without detriment to interior design.