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Decorative wall panels of stone design for interior finish. Price

Facing work, which carried out inside and outside the building, is performed with increasing frequency using environmentally friendly and visually attractive decorative materials. The decorative wall panels of stone design for interior finish, which imitate the natural material and the price for which is quite reasonable for each customer, help to create a soft and relaxing atmosphere. Today there is a tendency to use stone house decoration. Therefore, this design is the most suitable now. However, before you start to use the stone panels, you should determine how harmoniously they will fit in the furniture of your house.

This material is versatile for any surface and place of installation. It is used for decoration of premises and buildings of public use. The wall panels of stone design are characterized by the excellent quality of thermal insulation and protection against noise, because during installation the specialists use the extra layer of insulation, set up between the wall and the material.

The installation works, for implementation of which you need neither professional building implements nor knowledge of installation staff are carried out without any problems. In order to install the decorative wall panels of stone design for interior finish, the price for which will surprise even the thriftiest person, you need to get material for the bracketing, stapler and staples. It is not necessary to prepare the wall surface before the finishing material is applied on the base. You will spend less time on the installation of the panels, if you use the panel mounting system (key – timber connector) to each other.

The durability is one of the main advantages of this material. The decorative wall panels have high strength index, that is why you can use them for a long period of time without loss of their characteristics until you decide to replace them.

Thanks to the special materials used during the production of these panels, you can carry out the wet care for them with cleaning substance containing no chemicals. Panel of stone design does not attract dust.