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Construction of turn-key houses from a bar. Projects with the photos and prices

Today, with the development of technologies in the construction industry and increase in prices for construction materials, future owners of private houses are thinking about the saving costs for the construction of their houses. The best variant is a turn-key wooden house from a bar. Currently, many construction companies offer the designing and the purchase of construction materials taken together, not to miss important details and save the family budget. The turn-key wooden house from a bar fully ensures the health of all people living in the house, because it is made of ecologically clean materials.

When choosing a construction company, you need to pay attention to that one, which will perform with a small budget and a professional approach of the specialists all the work within the shortest possible time. More detailed information can be found on the website of the construction company. Construction of turn-key houses from a bar. Project with the photos and prices of the high quality can also be found on the website, which considerably saves time when choosing the perfect house for you and your family.

It should be noted that the construction of a wooden house has a number of features, which you must familiarize with.

All construction works are divided into the following stages, you need to know:

• Designing. Taking into account all the requests and desires of the customer, the highly qualified personnel provides existing projects of wooden houses or offer individually-tailored variant.

• Manufacture and assembling. The competent master using the harvested timber is building a quality house. All the timber is pretreated with special substances, which further prevents the occurrence of defects and increases the useful life.

• The foundation is laid together with the preparation of the timber framework.

• The erection of intermediate ceilings and roof timber.

• Insulation and waterproofing of the wooden house.

After the execution of all works within a specified time, the wooden house is completely ready for use, which is suited to business people. Construction of turn-key house from a bar. Project with the photos and prices is a budget variant.