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Cell phones with a large screen for senior citizens

Buying a phone for elderly persons, you need to take into account the completely different parameters of the device, in contrast with characteristics of the gadget for work or games. It will be difficult for elderly persons to use large modern Smartphones, however, like small phones with little buttons. To satisfy the elderly person, the series of mobile phones was specially produced, which was popularly named granny friendly phone.

What are requirements for such mobile phone?

For grandparents, the special mobile phone will be the best variant, which makes no sense comparing with multifunctional devices that have internet, two cameras, etc. Elderly persons do not need these functions.

The basic requirements they put forward to the mobile phone are:

Large size numerical symbols on the gadget’s screen, to avoid wearing glasses to those who have poor eyesight. In some mobile phones, these functions are included or it is possible to connect them to the device menu.

Lightweight non-slip case that will be comfortable to hold in hands.

Matte clear screen, to avoid glare from sunlight in the street. The important detail is that for elderly persons it is desirable to choose a mobile phone with a monochrome display, since it has a more contrast image.

Loud sound when talking and calling. Everyone knows that hearing is going downhill with age, for that reason a person should hear the mobile phone and the voice of caller fine.

An audio signal warning on discharged battery. For the convenience of using the mobile phone, you must have audio event settings, which will make it easier to understand the use.

Intuitive menu. It must be completely in the native language of a person.

Absence of unnecessary functions, since they can only confuse the elderly person if he accidentally runs the wrong application. Accordingly, with only the most necessary functions, the cost of the mobile phone will be cheaper.

One of the important, but not mandatory functions is the ability to connect the Assistive Listening Device as a headset.

SOS button to quickly call up a set number or send a pre-written SMS. This is necessary in order to call relatives in case of feeling unwell of an elderly person.

Some mobile phones have an additional button on the case to lock the mobile phone or screen, because for many people this function is very important.

How to set up such mobile phone?

Having made a choice of a specific mobile phone model, you need to make all the settings in it, since the future owner may not be able to do it. First of all it is necessary to set the optimal brightness of the screen and set a large font. The next step is call setting. It should be loud enough, but not such that it could frighten the person next to which it will work.

The best way is to select the settings for an increasing audio signal.

It is desirable to stop your choice on the push-button phone, because it is possible to set the speed dial numbers. They should be set starting with the number 1. The first three are the most important. Others need to be written to the notebook of the elderly person, since it may take some time to learn them. After that, you can check the mobile phone by sending a call to the SOS number.

The main convenience of granny friendly phone is a large font on the screen for dialing numbers. Mobile phones for the elderly persons with large buttons and a screen are made by several companies. The main form factor of these mobile phones is the monoblock.

Let’s consider several different models.

The number one is Philips Xenium E311. The mobile phone has large buttons, as well as a bright screen, all that is necessary for our grandparents. To make it convenient to dial numbers, each button has accompanying sound. There is also a screen magnifier that can magnify the image. Very important is the presence of an alarm button SOS and a radio receiver, which can work without headphones.

The second place is occupied by Fly Ezzy5. It has a SOS button, good speakers, and a flashlight. The disadvantage, according to buyers, is an uncomfortable menu.

On the third place is ONEXT Care-Phone 4. Device advantages are: large buttons and numbers on the screen, convenient case, attractive design, a memory card slot, flashlight, radio, SOS button. Disadvantages are: it is inconvenient to write sms, there is no separate button for a flashlight.