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Building-up of lean-to corrugated sheets roof with your own hands. Drawings and photos

Now we will find out how to build a lean-to corrugated sheets roof with your own hands. The drawings and photos will provide the accurate creation of your project and its correct implementation. Currently a lean-to corrugated sheets roof is gaining popularity because it has several important advantages.

• Materials saving.

• Building aesthetics.

A lean-to corrugated sheets roof. Details

First of all, you need to decide what kind of building you want to see. For example, if it is a garden-house, it can be done non-ventilated, because the ventilated roof is installed in closed buildings, which require regular air circulation. As for the ventilated roof, it requires more care, because the ventilation is carried out by use of air proof materials.

Building-up of a lean-to corrugated sheets roof with your own hands. Drawings and photos

If you decided to make a lean-to corrugated sheets roof for a bath house, or other building, before starting to work at the roof, you need to take into account several important points. One of them is the direction of the roof pitch. It should be in that direction from which the wind blows more often, because with the right slope down the wind the roof will not be clean of garbage, twigs, leaves etc. Everything will be blown away by itself. It is necessary to take into account all the details when calculated, because if you do anything wrong, the strong wind can break the roof.


The roof pitch angle must be at least 30° to avoid pushing by the snow, damage by the gust of wind and the rain.

Corrugated sheet is the ordinary corrugated metal sheets. The sensuous appearance of the material is not as good as the roof tile, but it is much cheaper. But this is not the only one advantage of the material:

• The long life of up to 20 years.

• Easy to install due to low weight.

• High durability.

• The wide range of colors.

• The size selection sheets variety.

This material is perfect for the roof of the garage or other household outbuilding. Let’s get down to installation of a lean-to corrugated sheets roof.


First of all, do not screw in self-tapping screw very tight, because it may damage the insulation and the top layer of the coating. In order to protect the material against corrosion, it should be coated with paint or lacquer.

Corrugated sheet is very easy to install. If you install the sheets with self-tapping screws then the sheets should be screwed in as close as possible, while moving upwards. The distance between the fasteners depends on the sheet wave size that is why it is necessary to specify it when buying the material.