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Pros: It's a good multinational company Cons: Very bad management in Egypt Doesn't Recommend


Pros: Lots of different sectors and opportunities for movement, both geographical and by sector Many acquisitions over the years leads to many different points of view that all come together well Cons: constant changes in processes, org structure, etc. HR is impossible to get in touch with


Brand new office in surrey is in the middle of nowhere and the building make me scared. No appetite to go to the office - boring spirit - no real good atmosphere. The MD is not good at all. Disdainful, no sympathy towards people of his team, never keeps promises, don t expect any help from him. He fired the business director in 5 mins with no human feeling. It at least he was a good strategist .,. But under his management moneys have went away. Absolute no new big win ... That tells a bit of the story. And 30-40% of people left. Advice: don't join that division of GfK. And more generally TNS or Nielson are more fun places.


Good vacation time and sick time. Management is driven to grow me (can't speak for others and other departments) and has proven it in the opportunities I have been given. Nice coworkers


Horrible, painful place to work. The company is run by researchers with little background in sales. It's in panic mode scrambling to generate business. Expectations are unrealistic and work life balance nonexistent. Bureaucrats in Germany produce low-quality results and then pat themselves on the back. Firings are happening and those left behind are looking to leave. HR is nonexistent...their lack of support borders on negligence. Low pay. Bleh!

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