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How to save money in 2017. Advices of the experts

Money, money, money ... How put money to its proper use, taking into account the instability of the exchange rate in the world? It’s half the battle to earn and collect money. The main thing now is how to save your money and if possible to accumulate it.

Let’s scrape the surface of several ways how to save money in 2017. Advices of the experts:

1. The purchase of expensive items such as jewelry made of precious metals, as well as cars or other vehicles is not recommended. The companies engaged in the sale of these goods, set such high mark-up that you will never get your money back, especially with such mark-up, under any circumstances and any exchange rates.

2. Investment in real estate can be either compensated or become unprofitable. It completely depends on the area with good infrastructure and transport interchange or on the place, which is popular with holidaymakers. When buying real estate you should give full attention to many factors. There is no point in buying very expensive items, because their cost and price increase are not stable and depend on the financial situation in the world.


3. It is difficult to earn an income on your own and without any skills investing in securities. The perfect way is to buy shares, bonds or promissory notes at the lowest possible price and wait for the growth of the company, and thus the securities price increase. The receipt of profit will start either with sell of shares or with dividends. This business is quite risky, because even the experts can not always make correct forecast of the growth and falling of currencies, shares and other securities.

4. Bank deposit is a reliable way of investment, but it keeps you away from the opportunity to earn. It’s like a coin bank with insurance from inflation. Currently, there are plenty of banks with different offers on deposit, but there are certain limits. In case of early withdrawal of funds, the customer loses interest on the deposit amount.

5. Investment in business. It is necessary to find not occupied or partially occupied market. You must analyze the demand and supply of the goods or services. You need to create your business plan and follow it. There is the risk, but it will be definitely paid off with a correct calculation and approach.

Accordingly, there are many other ways of saving and accumulation of money. The above mentioned ways are the most accessible to everybody without any financial knowledge.

Following these advices you will learn to enjoy the process of increase of your capital.