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Binary Strategies

One can often find the offers of fast and reliable earnings in the Internet. One of the most attractive offers is binary trading. However, it’s far from the trade, when you get down to it. The person, who sells options (trader), actually neither buys nor sells. He merely makes a bet with a brokerage firm on increase or decrease of the value of any asset. And the bet is not on an equal footing. If the brokerage firm wins, it gets 100% of the bet amount. And if the trader wins a bet, he gets 80% of the bet amount, and sometimes even less.

On the one hand, it looks unfair, but on the other hand, one can predict the asset value (e.g. dollar rate). There are many methods of prediction. On their website all brokerage firms publish materials for training beginners and insistently push the idea that an experienced trader is able to predict which way the dollar rate will be changed after a specified period of time.

There are 2 main types of analysis: fundamental and technical. Fundamental analysis is based on the study of the market situation, taking into account all factors that influence the dollar rate. Technical analysis is based on the study of the schedule of change in the dollar exchange rate over the course of a long period. It is recognized that there are certain common factors that can be used for the making winning deals. There are some developed strategies, following which the trader allegedly can increase his capital funds.

One can provide the example of the binary strategies. These trading strategies are Bollinger Bands, Three Indians, pointer indicators and super reliable strategies using indicators MACD, Stochastic, Parabolic SAR, and RSI. And what is interesting is that the brokerage companies publish on its website training materials through which traders can win money from them.

Is it possible to earn money by means of binary trading? It is possible in theory, but the probability of losing your money, in my opinion, is much more.