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Bedroom Design. Photos of 2016. Modern ideas with photo wallpapers

In 2016 the modern designers continue to give preference to natural materials. The plastic, decorations made of polyester and synthetic fabrics are used more rarely. Preference is given to wood, fabric made of natural raw materials and other environmental materials. Accordingly the color scheme adjusts to this trend. The gray and brown shades, white and bright–yellow tones are in the fashion now.

The design of any room starts with the walls and ceiling finish. The wallpapers are fit perfectly in the modern interior, completing the room with bright colors and emphasizing materials naturalness.

Modern technologies make it possible to use on wallpapers not only typical images from the manufacturer, but also your personal photos that open endless possibilities for creative ideas. In combination with natural materials your favorite photos (for example a picturesque place from childhood or favorite flower) will acquire a special shade and turn the bedroom into a cozy place, both for physical and mental rest.

The bedroom design one can start with the photo selection. Photos of 2016. The modern ideas with photo wallpapers will give you opportunity to transform your bedroom into the design masterpiece. The ceiling painted with the dark shades creates the effect of the night sky, and will be perfectly combined with the image of the city at night and the lights of the lighthouse. For the small bedroom one can use the wallpapers with outbound footpaths, walkways combined with light walls and bright-yellow solar cells for reasons of visual space extension. The narrow alley between the blackened walls of houses will fit perfectly in the walls finish of brick design, making it possible to dream before going to sleep on long walks through the ancient cities. On single-color wall painted with the gray color, the exotic flower in the form of the bright spot will grow, evoking dreams of far-off lands.

Whichever bedroom design you choose, modern ideas with photo wallpapers will help you make the room unique and individual one, and your dreams fairy and magic.