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Title: Scottish fold and straight kittens for sale - Kittens & Puppies
Description: We offer the largest selection of Scottish fold and Scottish straight kittens in USA and Canada. We offer reliable and safe shipping to other states and worldwide.
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Tags: Scottish, fold, kittens, sale, York, Kittens, straight
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Updated: 08.09.2016
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Marilyn Paulsen

Oh my gosh, I should have written you a long time ago and now the year is ending! I very much apologize for the delay but do want to thank you for getting my wonderful little girl kitty safely all the way from the Ukraine to Chicago. She was purchased just for a pet but please let the breeder know what an awesome little girl she is: very smart, so loving, with a lovely disposition, so beautiful. I am very happy with her and want them to know she adjusted very quickly here, even jumping up on my lap for affection on only the second day she was here. Her two brothers (exotic shorthair cats) are very patient and accommodating of her as well.

Samantha Johnson

Kirill, Thank you so very much for everything. Klauder is so beautiful, healthy, a WONDERFUL cat all around with a great and loving personality- all we could've hoped for, he already acts like he is 'home'. And this whole experience and transaction was so simple and positive thanks to you. We are so happy over this experience and I will definitely recommend your business to everyone I know.

Becky Cornelius

Hi! Mariana (aka Fable) is absolutely the best kitten! Thank you so much!!

Nicole Petersen

OMG! She is wonderful! Thank you!

John Peterson

I've got the kitten, She's so adorable and playfull. Thank you.


We just wanted to say thank you for Cloudy and Diamond they are wonderful cats!!! Cloudy is the most loving and sweet, social little girl and Diamond is very patient and gentle ... he is perfect for our little girl!

Rich Verdez

I've received my Samoyed puppy today. Looks healthy, friendly and has a lot of energy.

Mindi Brennan

Gorgeous kitten! Thanks!

Pamir Smith

I've received a Scottish kitten last week. It was a male, blue color. Very friendly boy, litter box trained (it's important).

Christina Caton

I couldn't be more pleased with this kitten. His quality and personality are outstanding!

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